Thank you


To all the Democrats and progressives who put your hearts and sweat into this election: thank you. Here's something James Carville said during one of our campaigns together that nailed it: "There's a simple doctrine: outside of a person's love, the most sacred thing that they can give is their labor. And somehow or another along the way, we tend to forget that. Labor is a very precious thing that you have. Anytime that you can combine labor with love, you've made a good merger... I'm a political professional, that's what I do for a living, and I'm proud of it."

We’re very happy to have played a small role in re-electing the President, working with every winning Senate candidate, 90% of the winning House candidates, all the state caucuses who flipped control to Democrats, and the thousands of other Democratic and progressive clients who won. Amazing night! But not all of you won, and I know what it’s like to work on a losing campaign: thank you, too. We appreciate your hard work, too. Know this: I worked on a campaign against an anti-gay initiative in 2000 in California, and we got crushed. But something got started in that campaign that helped lead to marriage equality victories last night. So, good things can come out of losses, too.

Thank you all for your labor and love. We’re proud to work with you, and proud of what we do. Forward.

Stu Trevelyan and the NGP VAN crew

P.S. Many of you are probably starting to think about your next gig. I hope you’ll check out our job listings for open positions in Washington, DC and Boston, MA.

Stu Trevelyan, CEO and President

Under Stu’s leadership, NGP VAN has emerged as the leading technology provider to progressive organizations and campaigns, offering an integrated platform that combines the best fundraising, compliance, organizing, and new media products available. We’re honored to provide technology solutions that power Obama for America, the DNC, Democratic state parties, DCCC, DLCC, the majority of Democratic state caucuses, and thousands of other candidates and organizations. This cycle, Stu led the launch of NGP VAN’s Accelerator product, which is now the most widely used website platform amongst Democratic candidates and has led NGP VAN to be selected as the preferred new media provider by the DCCC, DLCC, EMILY’s List, America Votes, and State Voices. Stu also led the vision for the NGP VAN’s innovative new Social Organizing tool, which allows supporters of a campaign to match their Facebook friends to the voter file and claim responsibility for them. TechPresident writes that this tool “has the potential to change the way campaigns work.” Virtually every Democratic campaign will use NGP VAN’s tools in 2012.

Stu has two decades of experience in the political technology space, a deep understanding of the needs of political candidates and organizations, and a track record of innovation. His previous firm, the Carol Trevelyan Strategy Group (CTSG) grew to a staff of 70 over 10 years, and innovated several Internet strategies and tools. CTSG facilitated the success of several hundred candidates, elected Democratic Leaders like Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer, and organizations ranging from the Democratic National Committee to MoveOn to the NRDC. CTSG offered software-as-a-service products and Golden Dot/Pollie award winning Internet strategy/services, before being acquired by Kintera (now Blackbaud) in 2004. Before starting CTSG, Stu worked directly on a number of campaigns, including working in the 1992 Clinton-Gore "War Room," and then in the White House Office of Legislative Affairs.