Meet Our New Mascot

April 01, 2013

There’s an old saying that “friendship is magic.” In a world ever more reliant on the relationships between people, shouldn’t your CRM be magic, too?

Today, we’re excited to announce a bold new rebranding effort that will help NGP VAN bolt through the gates in the 2013-14 cycle and beyond.

Before growing into our recognizable icon, Lefty was a young soldier – a war-horse (a burro on the battlefield)  – as we fought our way through consecutive Bush terms and galloped forward in contested seats across the country. It was a different time for both our company and our nation.

We’re in a different place now and it’s time to celebrate. Democrats have won the popular vote in 5 of the last 6 presidential elections, we hold the Senate, our tech advantage has been thoroughly praised, and national Republicans are reeling. We no longer need a beast of burden like Lefty to carry us across the finish line.

After an exhaustive process culminating in focus groups across the country and a 650-page “growth & opportunity” report, it became crystal clear that we need a new symbol to convey the sense of renewal, gravitas, and optimism we at NGP VAN hold in our hearts. 

So we thought about our best days. We thought about this expansive country, with terrains as varied as the prodigious hilltops of the Red Mountains to the arid sands of the Jewel Dessert to the verdant slopes of Flutter Valley.

We knew what we had to do. We reached out to Hasbro, who offered us a symbol that we feel captures the attitude who we are as Democrats and progressives in 2013. 

Meet Rainbow Dash. Beloved to fans of “My Little Pony,” Rainbow Dash is all we hope to be as an organization: dedicated, nimble, brave, and always first on the scene. Who could forget her steadfastness in facing down the villanous Discord to regain the Elements of Harmony? Who but Rainbow Dash could keep Ponyland's sun shining and skies sparkling, doing all of the work with so little of the recognition. Rainbow Dash's qualities are the spirit of NGP VAN, and we're honored to have her join us. Please join us in wishing a fond farewell to Lefty and in welcoming Rainbow Dash to the NGP VAN family.

Image courtesy of ~mrlolcats17