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Democratic and Progressive Field Efforts to Become More Sophisticated Than Ever with Major Automated Organizing Upgrades

Democratic tech provider NGP VAN to release organizing upgrades that include automated follow-up emails, script branching for mobile canvassing, and volunteer nurture workflows, among others


WASHINGTON - Adding to a growing list of campaign tech innovations this cycle, NGP VAN will announce several new organizing upgrades next week, with the rollout of “Field Automation” on VAN and automated “Script Branching” for mobile canvassing app MiniVAN.


The addition of Field Automation and Online Actions to the VAN platform represents a major shift in the organizing of campaign volunteers to a more omni-channel approach. Field Automation, for the first time, allows campaigns to create automatic nurture workflows for volunteers, set up triggered follow up emails based on canvassing responses at the door, and send more personalized messages to volunteers with smarter, higher converting single-click signup forms to complete the process.


Online Actions for VAN allows volunteers to sign up to take action more easily, due to smart, one-click signup forms, with access to over 40-million Action Profiles. 33% of Online Action forms have at least one field pre-filled, which provides a 350% boost in conversion rates.


“Combining offline interactions with online automation has incredible potential to revolutionize how campaigns communicate with voters,” says Mike Liddell, General Manager of Digital at NGP VAN. “Campaigns can knock on someone’s door today and then send automated emails tomorrow that are personalized based on the issues a voter cares about. We can’t wait to see what organizers in the field can do with this new technology.”


Additionally, automated Script Branching on mobile canvassing app miniVAN will prompt canvassers to hold better conversations by providing them with dynamic canvassing scripts - talking points that change depending on the response received from the person answering the door.


These upgrades have been quietly beta-tested by the Democratic Party of Oregon, who’s now eager to see the impact on a larger scale. “We’re excited to take advantage of these new organizing upgrades, which will open up enormous possibilities for campaigns around the country.” says Don Fisher, Technology Director of the Democratic Party of Oregon. “Being able to engage volunteers with these tools will allow us to run a much more efficient and smarter field program than before. It’s a game changer for us, especially in this important election year…"”


"Automating tasks in the field through our Targeted Email and Online Actions is going to make organizers' lives significantly more efficient,” says Amanda Coulombe, General Manager of Organizing at NGP VAN. “We're dedicated to doing everything we can to remove mundane blockers from these workflows so organizers can spend more time organizing, talking to voters and volunteers about what really matters."



NGP VAN is the leading technology provider to Democratic and progressive campaigns and organizations, offering clients an integrated platform of the best fundraising, compliance, field, organizing, digital, and social networking products. Nearly every major Democratic campaign in America is powered by NGP VAN.


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