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June 19, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC – Today NGP VAN announced the public launch of Social Fundraising, a new tool that helps Democratic campaigns and progressive organizations empower supporters to raise money on their behalf. Unlike other peer-to-peer online fundraising platforms, Social Fundraising integrates both online and offline fundraising; a key feature for fundraisers who are frequently frustrated by the lack of offline integration in many online-only tools.

April 24, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC – The National Education Association (NEA) announced today that it is working with Catalist and NGP VAN to develop its “Activist Continuum.” This project uses Catalist “Big Data” analytics to synthesize and understand NEA member activity across a range of civic activities, and make that understanding of each member actionable in the NGP VAN software via features developed for the NEA.

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Amanda Coulombe, Product Director, Field and Volunteers

NGP VAN is excited to announce the release of a beta-version Voter Registration Data Visualization tool to our administrative users. Two of our developer leads, Greg Shapiro and Joe Tochka, found an interesting data movement visualization tool on the New York Times website, and thought they could use something like it to give people better insight into how an voter registration applicant moves to become a registered voter. They worked together during our hackathon earlier this year to produce a prototype, and we’re excited to see this ready in time to impact users’ voter registration programs this year!

Andrew Varnerin, Team Architect

Turf Cutter, one of VAN’s most popular and important organizing tools has just become more intuitive and user-friendly with a few innovative enhancements that will help organizers do their jobs even better than before.

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