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The Best and Most-Widely used Digital Tools for Democratic Campaigns

Raise more money & drive more action with Digital 8, a ground-up build of email, online, and social tools with the most robust set of features available.

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Targeted Email

A reliable, powerful, and easy-to-use email solution to help you win your campaign that's trusted by more Democratic campaigns than any other platform.

Run a smarter, integrated email program using our drag and drop editor and powerful A/B multivariate testing. Raise more money and drive more action from your emails with integrated one-click contributions and petitions. 

Utilize the tool with the highest inbox placements in the industry, according to impartial reports from ReturnPath.

Design an automated series of emails to help welcome subscribers to your campaign, turn one-time donors into sustainers, or re-engage inactive subscribers.

With just one click, supporters can join your email list, sign up to volunteer, or make a donation to your campaign.

Personalize emails by sending different content to email recipients based on dozens of merge fields, and tailor fundraising ask amounts based on a supporter's giving history.

Pull donation and conversion stats from your ActBlue pages into NGP VAN’s Digital 8 with our ActBlue integration.

Increase your impact each time you press send. A through J multivariate testing is easy to use, and allows for up to ten tests to ensure maximum control and effectiveness.

Online Actions

Boost conversions, build your email list, and raise more money.

At NGP VAN, we're obsessed with conversion rates. In building our petition, email sign-up, and volunteer forms, we focused on every detail, so our clients get the lift they need to grow their email lists, raise more money, and win their campaigns. 


Higher Conversion Rates Through Network Effect

Tap into our massive FastAction network of saved contact information. 70% of NGP VAN forms have at least one field pre-filled, and supporters who are directed from an email to a  FastAction donation page are 3.8x more likely to donate than those without FastAction.

Chaptering & Affiliates Management

Use chaptering functionality to share content—including form themes and email templates—with other committees, campaigns or affiliated organizations.

Self-Service Donor Portals

Allow supporters to independently update their contact record, set email preferences, and fix expired credit card information—saving staff the hassle of updating this information themselves.

Unlimited, Customizable Forms

Create as many online forms as you like and customize each to be exactly what you want with new Themes form wrappers. Add custom fields, save and use theme templates, adjust ask amounts, and more.

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Advanced Social Matching & Influence Tracking

Get a 360-degree view of supporters, measure their social influence, and track engagement with detailed contact records and robust reports.

With Social Matching, any supporter record that has an email address is automatically matched with leading social networks—including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Identifying your most influential supporters en masse has never been easier.

Cater individualized messages to supporters by ranking and measuring their involvement using Engagement Points. Use Campaigns to link efforts across multiple channels and monitor overall performance or drill down for channel-by-channel metrics.

Encourage supporters to spread the word on Facebook or Twitter with social sharing tools available on each online form. Track the impact of those shares and identify which supporters drive action and generate new sign-ups.

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Attract new donors through Facebook Ads. Develop targeted ads that speak to specific audiences. Sync audiences from your NGP database to a Facebook custom audience for retargeting, lookalike, or suppression purposes. Track ROI of a given ad campaign over time and pull custom, robust reports to measure success.

More Tools & Features

Free Prospects

Automatically import any email address your campaign adds to VoteBuilder into your Digital 8 database, growing your list for free.

Pipeline for Analytics

Digital 8 is integrated with Pipeline and Pipeline Cloud, our innovative systems for large scale data analysis and replication. Pipeline can be used to send real-time row-level database changes to analytics platforms where campaigns can do modeling, run advanced reports or combine digital data with our data sources.

Cloud-Based Scaling

We’ve built our platform with campaigns in mind—Digital 8 is built in the cloud, making the entire platform scalable and resilient.

Reports Manager

Get the answers to all your data questions with powerful, easy-to-use reporting—with pre-baked reports that can be customized, saved, shared and scheduled.

Data Visualization

Utilize fully customizable analytics dashboards to visualize, communicate, and share your organizing, email, and fundraising data like never before.

Our products power the biggest campaigns in the world. Let us help you win.
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