Raise more money with NGP.

NGP VAN has helped Democratic campaigns and organizations raise billions of dollars in our 18 year history. NGP is the preferred fundraising database for nearly all Democratic national committees, all Presidential campaigns and President Obama, all U.S. Senators, the overwhelming majority of members of Congress and hundreds of state and local campaigns throughout the country.

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  • 360 Degree View

    Know everything about your donors - what they see, what they do, and how your team is communicating with them. With direct integration to NGP’s online contribution, online actions and targeted email tools, you can enable a 360 degree view of your online and offline fundraising efforts.

  • Call Time Management

    We know how essential dialing for dollars is to your campaign but we also know how painful it can be for many campaigns. Our library of call sheets allow your candidate to ease into the process by providing them with the information they need to make the ask, including giving history to other campaigns, targeted ask amounts set by the staff, outstanding pledge information, etc. Use customizable features like call log tracking and custom contact fields to manage a process that works for you and your candidate.

  • Right Ask, Right Donors

    NGP’s powerful segmentation and reporting tools gives you the information you need to create the ideal list of donors to make the right ask, through the most effective appeal.

  • Integrated Online/Offline

    Take advantage of integrated online contribution and event RSVP pages that are powerful and easy to create.

  • Easy Contribution Source Tracking

    Know where your money is coming using hierarchical source codes to help you keep track of all of your fundraising efforts. Role-up hierarchical codes provide fundraisers the ability to easily search, track, and report on your fundraising goals and performance.

  • Contact Codes

    Make tagging and searching for donors, prospects and PACs easier using hierarchical codes. Hierarchical codes allow your team to create a customizable folder-like system to stay organized.

  • Leverage Relationships

    Customize and track the relationships that are relevant to your donors and prospects. Relationships between records can be labeled based on your preferences, including the ability to describe the value of that relationship. Easily search on connections to include (or exclude) in a donor universe.

  • Powerful Saved Searches

    Easily create dynamic saved searches to quickly identify key donor or prospect universes. The powerful searching features provide the ability to search across online and offline data points, ensuring that you and your digital team are always synced up.

  • Comprehensive Contact History

    Enable a complete view of supporters including activity, history (tracking contributions to other campaigns and organizations), and contact information, all in one place.​​​​

  • Task Management

    Collaborate around projects, task individual responsibilities, and set deadlines. The task management tool helps you organize your efforts, view and manage individual and team to-do's within a single interface.

  • Custom Fields

    Create your own tailored contact fields with various value types (currency, date, text, etc.) and then import into them on online pages

  • Document Management

    Attach files to constituent records, contributions or pledges.​

  • Customizable Donor Attributions

    Easily attribute offline contributions to multiple individuals or organizations, and allocate specific amounts or percentages to each fundraiser. For your online fundraising program, enable Social Fundraising to manage donor attributions coming from your peer-to-peer fundraising program.​​

  • Credit Card Updater

    Reduce credit card churn for your recurring donors and retain more dollars with Credit Card Updater. This service from Visa and MasterCard gets updates to card data automatically, preventing monthly contributions from failing and resulting in more dollars raised and more rapid growth of your recurring donors.