Call Time Mobile

Revolutionize your fundraising call time with Call Time Mobile. Make high-quality fundraising calls on the go. Our Call Time Mobile App gives you the power to make more calls, more quickly, all from the palm of your hand. No paper sheets, no manual data entry—just make your call, log the information, and move onto the next ask.   

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Efficient Way to Make Fundraising Calls:

Make more calls, more quickly, all from the palm of your hand. By using the Call Time Mobile App, candidates can make targeted fundraising asks from anywhere, all while saving staff time on data and printed call sheets. 

Follow Up Templates

Use our customizable email and SMS response templates to send thank-yous or follow-up messages as soon as your call is finished. Staff can make sure follow-ups happen right away, rather than hours or days later.  

Ditch the Call Sheets
More Targeted Calls, More Quickly
Streamlined Processes

Get Call Time Mobile

The Call Time Mobile app is available to all NGP 8 committees at no additional charge.

Download the app now to start making calls on the go, access call insights, and log call details, all from the same device you are dialing from.

Success With Call Time Mobile

“Call Time Mobile is a great solution for our team, it makes a call time manager's job easier and completely eliminates the need for manual data entry from paper call sheets.”

-Alex Nielson, Mayor Nan Whaley