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Data Visualization

Picture Your Campaign in a Whole New Way.

Utilize fully customizable analytics dashboards to visualize, communicate, and share your organizing, email, and fundraising data like never before.

Available on VAN, NGP 8, and Digital 8. 

Fully Customizable Dashboards 

Create charts and graphs, and drag and drop widgets to build your own data visualizations. 

Every user is provided with default dashboards built from Organizing, Online Activity, Email Performance, and Contribution reports.

Create as many dashboards as you want, build them in a way that meets your campaign's needs, and edit them whenever you need.

Once a dashboard is created, they can be easily shared with other users on your campaign, allowing your team to get on the same page.

Data visualization shouldn't be hard. Click, drag, and drop functionality turns the most inexperienced user into a master designer.

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Track Metrics & Monitor Performance 

Get a full picture of your campaign's field organizing, digital, & fundraising operations.

See the Full Picture

Build beautiful pie or donut charts, bar graphs, line graphs, or area charts to picture your data in a way that makes sense to you and your colleagues.

Real-Time Data

Visualize your latest data with up-to-the-minute organizing, email, form submission, and contribution results.

Mobile Responsive

Reports and dashboards are mobile responsive, allowing you to check in on your results from anywhere, anytime on multiple devices.

Trackable Progress

Set a reference line to indicate a goal, benchmark, or budget to easily see how your organizing, engagement, or fundraising campaigns perform relative to that line.