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"Time is the most valuable commodity on any campaign, and you only have so much time to hit the metrics you need to win. If you want to run a serious campaign, you’ve got to use NGP VAN."

— Andrew Ellison

Campaign Manager, Veronica Klinefelt for State Senate

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Fundraising & Compliance Reporting

Raise more money faster with NGP 8—the new gold standard in Democratic fundraising and compliance.

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Call Time Mobile

Take your fundraising calls on the go. Our new Call Time Mobile App gives you the power to make more calls, more quickly, all from the palm of your hand. No paper sheets, no manual data entry—just make your call, log the information, and move on to the next ask.  

Custom Call Sheet Builder

Create your own call sheet templates using the new custom call sheet builder, or utilize pre-made call sheets designed by top Democratic fundraisers to take advantage of campaign best practices.

Donor Ask Plans

Create and track stage-by-stage plans for prospects, using a 360-degree view of each and tying them into your call time sessions. Create a targeted ask amount, track results from call time or donor meetings, and upload attachments for managing endorsements—all in one place.

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Best-in-Class Digital Tools

Digital 8 provides powerful email, online fundraising, volunteer signup and social tools to maximize your campaign's impact.

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Tap into our massive FastAction network of saved contact information. 70% of NGP VAN forms have at least one field pre-filled, and supporters who are directed from an email to a FastAction donation page are 3.8x more likely to donate than those without FastAction.

Utilize the tool with the highest inbox placements in the industry, according to impartial reports from ReturnPath. Work with our dedicated deliverability expert, who helps your campaign without additional cost to ensure your message reaches your supporters.

Create as many online forms as you like and customize each to be exactly what you want with form wrappers. Add custom fields, save and use theme templates, adjust ask amounts, and more.

Sync events to Facebook and easily track sign-ups in your database. Create custom target segments in Digital 8 then push them to Facebook for precisely targeted ad buys. Match contacts to over one-hundred social networks.

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Organizing Tools Made to Win

VAN is built and scaled to manage the largest and most sophisticated organizing campaigns in history.

VAN & VoteBuilder

Every election cycle, thousands of Democratic campaigns and progressive organizations from city council campaigns to Presidential races use VAN to contact hundreds of millions of voters.

Paid Phone Tools

The Virtual Phone Bank, Live Call Tool, and Predictive Dialer save campaign organizers hours of time by seamlessly integrating phone bank data and improving the efficiency of campaign phone bank events. See more.

Need Access to Votebuilder?

Votebuilder access is granted to candidates by each individual state Democratic party. To get started, look them up right here.

MiniVAN & MiniVAN Manager

Ditch paper walk sheets for the most widely-used mobile canvassing app in American politics. Track canvassers in real time using MiniVAN Manager.


Quick, Easy, Beautiful Websites

Award-winning websites built to make a splash and help you engage more supporters.
Flexible Design Options

We offer flexible design options for organizations of all sizes and budgets. Our award-winning Digital Services team can build a completely custom website that fits your campaigns' needs, or help yourself to our out-of-the-box website using our Accelerator tool.

100% Mobile Responsive
Built for High Traffic