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Amanda Coulombe, Product Director, Field and Volunteers

NGP VAN is excited to announce the release of a beta-version Voter Registration Data Visualization tool to our administrative users. Two of our developer leads, Greg Shapiro and Joe Tochka, found an interesting data movement visualization tool on the New York Times website, and thought they could use something like it to give people better insight into how an voter registration applicant moves to become a registered voter. They worked together during our hackathon earlier this year to produce a prototype, and we’re excited to see this ready in time to impact users’ voter registration programs this year!

Andrew Varnerin, Team Architect

Turf Cutter, one of VAN’s most popular and important organizing tools has just become more intuitive and user-friendly with a few innovative enhancements that will help organizers do their jobs even better than before.

Ben McIlwain, Lead Developer

NGP VAN had a Hackathon earlier in the year for our development teams. My fellow developers and I had the latitude to work on anything we wanted, and my first inclination was to work on political contributions using Bitcoin. I wanted to work on Bitcoin because (a) it's something a lot of developers, organizations, and companies have been talking about but no one has done yet, and (b) I'm very interested in digital currencies. As my coworkers will attest, I've been excited about Bitcoin since before pretty much anyone else had even heard about it.

Kat Skiles, Vice President of Communications & Marketing

Ready for Hillary’s Digital Director, Nickie Titus discussed the work we’ve been doing far out from 2016 saying, "NGP VAN sees the broader picture. They see how technology affects the long term."

Nickie Titus praised our developers’ work (they are indeed pretty awesome) on tools such as NGP Swipe and Social Organizing. But the really big splash came in her preview of our newest tool, Social Recruiting, which incentives supporters to recruit friends, family, and online social connections to participate in the grassroots organizing efforts of a particular campaign of organization

Shai Sachs

It's very exciting and gratifying to see my NGP VAN hackathon project, the site, finally launched and in use! Having made my fair share of phone calls over the past decade or so, in elections up and down the ballot, I know the importance of phone banks at every stage of a field operation. Organizers ask their volunteers to make calls to identify supportive voters, recruit supporters to events, and of course, to get out the vote on election day. Phone banks are as much a part of our electoral process as Labor Day parades and yard signs.

Katie Sullivan, Senior Product Manager

We’re excited to announce the release of MiniVAN 7 for Android today, which brings the Android version of MiniVAN up to date with the complete rewrite of the iOS version we released earlier this year.

Kat Skiles, Vice President of Communications & Marketing

Recently we held a "Hackathon" – an internal codefest where we asked our programmers to come up with cool features that weren’t already on the roadmap. For 48 hours, fueled by boxes of pizza and creative thought, they worked long into the night, and developed a number of products and features.

One of the first Hackathon projects we’re releasing is the Open Virtual Phone Bank.

We’ve been working to make it easy for our clients’ supporters to contribute, sign petitions, and fill out other online forms -- and we’re happy to say that it’s paying off. Over 50% of our clients’ online contribution and other forms are now being prefilled in whole or part. And our clients have themselves to thank for it.

Brett Schenker

We told you a few weeks ago that Yahoo has increased security and is now using a spam-fighting authentication tool called DMARC. After a possible recent hack that saw lots of spam and spoofed email sent from AOL accounts, AOL has decided to also implement the same security measure.


Justin Lewis, NationalField

You may remember that back in November, NGP VAN announced its acquisition of NationalField. Our startup launched out of the 2008 Obama campaign and the product provides online organizing networks and powerful data dashboards to campaigns and organizations fighting for change. Around the time it became official, we hinted at several exciting changes to come. Since then, our team has been heads down, churning through hundreds of thousands of lines of code in preparation for a major update.