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  • 10/30

    Where do I vote, again?

    It's that time of year.

    You're counting down the days to election-day on two hands.

  • 10/29

    2014 Voter Contact 54 Percent Higher Than 2010

    With less than a week until Election Day, the heart of GOTV is right around the corner. We've decided to share some of the massive voter contact numbers pouring into the NGP VAN platform.

  • 10/21

    2014 Voter Contact Efforts Outpacing 2010

    With Election Day quickly approaching, the Democrats’ and Progressives' GOTV efforts are swinging into high gear.

  • 10/07

    How to Get Weekly Recurring Donations Before the Election

    By Jordan Quigley-Jones
    Product Manager, Digital

  • 09/30

    5 Essential Tools for Your Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Program

    It’s almost time to Get Out the Vote (GOTV) and we’ve been working hard to make sure NGP VAN provides as much support as possible so you can reach your vote goals.

  • 09/24

    DSPolitical launches Dem Ads

    This week, our friends at DSPolitical put power in the hands of Democratic campaigns by launching Dem Ads

  • 08/21

    4 Announcements from #NGPVANNext You Need to Hear

    We made a lot of announcements last night, but here are the four you should know about.

  • 08/20

    LIVE: Tune into NGP VAN Next

    NGP VAN is excited to invite you to NGP VAN Next, an exciting livestreamed event held this Wednesday, August 20th at 7pm EDT. 

  • 07/02

    Voter Registration Data Viz

    NGP VAN is excited to announce the release of a beta-version Voter Registration Data Visualization tool to our administrative users. Two of our developer leads, Greg Shapiro and Joe Tochka, found an interesting data movement visualization tool on the New York Times website, and thought they could use something like it to give people better insight into how an voter registration applicant moves to become a registered voter. They worked together during our hackathon earlier this year to produce a prototype, and we’re excited to see this ready in time to impact users’ voter registration programs this year!

  • 06/27

    Turf Cutter’s New Map Interface

    Turf Cutter, one of VAN’s most popular and important organizing tools has just become more intuitive and user-friendly with a few innovative enhancements that will help organizers do their jobs even better than before.