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Amanda Coulombe, Product Director, Field and Volunteers

A couple years ago, NGP VAN started collecting turf management user stories for our turf cutting tool. We’ve always been proud to have best in class tools for cutting and managing turf, but we are also always looking for ways to do better. Over time, we introduced live editing of turfs, reduced the number of clicks it took to draw turf and save turfs, made the overall look and feel cleaner and easier to work with, and released auto-cutting turf. All of those features were geared toward allowing organizers to create turf and edit their turfs faster and more accurately.

Brett Schenker

A few years ago a new email anti-spam fighting authentication tool DMARC was created. The system creates a pretty restricted way of authenticating email, the short of which says email from a domain is only legit if it comes certain ways. It’s a great way to prevent spoofing, but if implemented needlessly (it’s not recommended for everyone) it can easily break things.


Brett Schenker

GMail is shaking up the email world again. In 2013, Gmail changed email by introducing its email tabs. The function placed email into various categories based on the content. Well, the email provider isn’t done with that change and has recently announced a pilot program where they’ll be switching how the emails in the promotions tab are displayed. And this will affect the HTML included in your emails.

Kat Skiles, Vice President of Communications & Marketing

Happy April Fools' Day! A little bit of fun from your friends here at NGP VAN.

Tuvinh Vuong, Vice President of Product

Today, we’re proud to announce the release of a powerful new feature called VAN Relay - a feature that seamlessly enhances your member data and activist data with voter file information. Think of VAN Relay as a clearinghouse that scans the entire platform for better data enhancement.

Rob Winikates, Digital Product Director

"I want what Obama had!"


It is something of a refrain that we hear from clients. It is one of the things that we are proudest of, the fact that we can take the same technology that powers a presidential campaign, and make it available for free to our clients in thousands of races up and all the way down the ticket.

One of the most common requests recently has been the ability to have multi-step contribution forms, like the 2012 Obama campaign had, and we're happy to announce that these are available for our NGP clients.  

Brett Schenker

A comprehensive breakdown of GMail, Outlook, Yahoo and AOL Considerations

Every email provider is a kingdom with their own laws, rules, and customs. If you run afoul of those rules, you have an increased chance of having your email wind up in the spam box. It’s good to know exactly what email providers are looking for when they make the split second decision as to what to do with the bulk email you send.

Kat Skiles, Vice President of Communications & Marketing

This year's SXSW Interactive Festival featured a panel hosted by NGP VAN entitled, "Obama & Beyond: Political Tech in Business" which included an impressive group of political technologists who shared lessons learned with the business world.

Kat Skiles, Vice President of Communications & Marketing

Today is a good day. The second iteration of's Reed Award-winning website has officially launched and it’s pretty awesome to say the least.

Widely recognized as the geeks who helped power the competitive advantage for the Obama campaign — NGP VAN has equipped Ready for Hillary with some of the most innovative uses of political technology to-date. We’ve productized many of the tools and concepts harnessed by Obama for America to provide an unparalleled edge tailored to the specific needs of Ready for Hillary in this next stage of development.

Amanda Coulombe, Product Director, Field and Volunteers

I’m so excited to be in Austin, and to have the opportunity to spread the word about the amazing work so many people did to help get Elizabeth Warren elected in 2012, and the tools and tactics we used to help make it happen. Senator Warren likes to say that it wasn’t just about winning an election - it was about building a community and a movement that would work to get things done in the Senate.