NGP VAN is the leading technology provider to Democratic and progressive campaigns and organizations, as well as nonprofits, municipalities, and other groups, offering clients an integrated platform of the best fundraising, compliance, field, organizing, digital, and social networking products.

Engaging more supporters, across more channels, to support more programs shouldn't require more work. Our powerful unified solution is purpose built, empowering you to work smarter, not harder, by making it simple to optimize and personalize communication across all channels, so that you can raise more money.

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Donor Management

Deepen relationships with holistic contact records, automated workflows, and real-time dashboards.

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Digital Marketing

Run efficient and optimized email, digital advertising, and SMS campaigns.

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Online Fundraising

Raise more with custom donation forms optimized for increased conversions.

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Elevate your campaign with everything you need to organize, both online and offline.

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Event & Volunteer Management

Logistics made easy with tools for recruiting new volunteers and managing virtual and in-person events.

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Simplified Compliance

Tools widely trusted by campaigns and organizations to file thousands of state, federal and local reports.

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Online Actions

Boost conversions, build your email list, and raise more money with petition, email sign-up and volunteer forms.

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Targeted Email

A reliable, powerful and easy-to-use email solution to help you win your campaign.


"By using NGP 8, our team is able to easily track our fundraising from call time, all the way through to our Email and Digital Programs."

Haley Cobb, Governor Tim Walz



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Digital Fundraising

Take your political fundraising to the next level 

While we covered starting your political fundraising early in another blog, you may be looking for how to take your political fundraising to the next level. We know campaigns cost a lot of money to run, so here are some ways to expand your political fundraising efforts to raise the resources necessary to win.  Invest […]
Person on the phone making political fundraising calls with a computer and call sheets in front of them a desk.
Digital Fundraising

Political fundraising basics: Start your campaign fundraising early.

One of the most integral components of any campaign is raising enough money to win your race. While money isn’t everything, it certainly helps to have the financial resources you need to pay for all your campaign expenses and potentially expand your voter outreach efforts. While political fundraising can be difficult, planning your fundraising efforts […]
A female African American political candidate addresses supporters at her political campaign launch. She is standing at a podium. Diverse family and friends are gathered around her.

Launching your political campaign? Here’s what you should do first.

Every year, thousands of candidates launch their campaigns. Your political campaign launch is an excellent opportunity to build momentum to set your campaign up for success. So, if you’re thinking of launching your campaign, here are a few steps you should take before you make your announcement!  Define your “why.”  The number one question you […]
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