New in NGP 8: ActBlue Contribution Integration

March 6, 2018 | NGP VAN

In the fast-paced environment of a political campaign, it is important that directors and strategists have always have access to up-to-date information and data. Because some campaigns use multiple databases to process and house that information, exporting and uploading records between systems consumes staff time and can leave decision makers waiting or using out-of-date information.

NGP VAN’s tools are integrated with many common progressive technologies, allowing data to flow between systems in real time. With NGP 8’S new Contribution Sync with ActBlue, digital fundraisers who use ActBlue pages will instantly have access to contribution data within NGP 8 without disrupting the workflow of compliance and disclosure staff.

How it Works

Once the integration has been set up for your account, contributions made on associated ActBlue pages will also immediately be available for viewing in NGP 8. Contributions synced from ActBlue are initially shown with a status of “ActBlue Pending.” Users are not able to edit information from these records until they are reviewed and approved by compliance staff.


“ActBlue Pending” contributions will be included in all contribution summaries, allowing fundraisers to easily view an up-to-date overview of their progress. These records will also be included when searching for contacts for email segmentation. However, such contributions will not appear in any disclosure reports, allowing compliance and disclosure staff to verify the information before filing.

For compliance staff, the workflow will be essentially the same – ActBlue contributions will continue to require manual verification and bulk upload before they appear in disclosure reports.


Getting Started

ActBlue Contribution Integration requires a one-time manual set up by NGP VAN staff. To get started with this tool, contact your administrator!

Have questions about our newest integration? Email us at! And if you’re not yet set up on our best-in-class Digital tools, click below to see more!

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