[Feature Update] Check-in Function

February 5, 2020 | NGP VAN

Drumroll please… The feature you have all been waiting for… EVENT CHECK-IN.

Users now have the ability to not only record attendance for existing events in VAN, but register new attendees as well, dramatically reducing data entry and making event management easier than ever before.

TLDR: Ditch paper lists, close your shifts at the door of the event.

Since the new Event Attendee Check-In view is easy to navigate,  volunteers at staging locations, rallies and even at their own events will be able to record attendance in a way that is more streamlined than ever before.

How to Use Event Attendee Check-In Page

On the Attendee Check-In Page, you can:

  • View your attendees and statuses
  • Check attendees in or mark them as no-shows by editing their status
  • Call, text, or email attendees from your mobile device
  • Add new attendees or remove them
  • Add notes like “running late”
Check in screenshot

Event date, location and shift information are now available for quick reference. On your mobile device, toggle to Details to see this; and back to Attendees to edit their status.


Also included with the new check-in function you can:

  • Schedule someone for additional events
  • Add contact history
  • Remove the individual from the event
  • Filter based on status, shift, location, or role
  • Quickly switch to another event, schedule someone for additional events

You can find the full details in Using Event Attendee Check-In for non-ticketed events in VAN Help Docs.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us via Support Request with questions or concerns.