NGP 8 Pre-Election Snapshot

October 2, 2020 | NGP VAN

It’s no secret, fundraising has not been easy this cycle. The fundraising community has had to get creative, finding new tactics for our current situation. And the results have been incredible.  

NGP 8 is proud to provide the tools to power the changes you have been making, and provide you with new and innovative solutions to keep your program running. With one month out from the 2020 General election, we want to highlight the features that help our users take their digital and fundraising programs to the next level. 

We are 32 days out from the election: 

Money Raised by Donor Circles: Our Raiser tool is changing the way many of you think about fundraising. Over 10,000 raisers have raised over 750,000,000 dollars using our tool alone. Communicating, tracking and managing your raisers through NGP has given them more independence and cut down on staff time significantly.   

User Growth: We’ve seen over 45,000 users  on NGP 8 this cycle, that’s over 215% percent more than the 2018 midterms. With the emphasis shifting to digital, more people than ever to have accessed to NGP tools. Our team has been scaling up along with you and providing new tools for your  organization.

Emails sent: Chances are, this year your email team has had to step up to the plate. Fundraising, Digital and Field  programs are all using email channels to replace part of that valuable in-person contact. The reliance on email is paying off, in 2020 NGP users have sent over 4.5 billion of emails, representing growth over 600% against the same time period in the 2018 cycle. 

Feature Highlights 

If you’re reading those stats and looking to step up your fundraising in the last month of the election, take a look at some of our most popular features to increase your fundraising insights, streamline collaboration and cut down on staff time. 

Zoom Integration: Use Ticketed Event Forms to create virtual fundraisers   

Share data seamlessly from your Zoom Meetings and Webinars with your fundraising events using NGP. Using our integration you can easily cut out Zoom pain points like participant nicknames and accurate registration information. Continue to host events to raise money virtually using our Zoom Integration, which gives you the ability to manage larger groups on a smaller budget.  

Once connected, you can use Online Actions to recruit and register new attendees in Zoom and NGP, giving you a full picture of who is registered as well as who actually participated. You can then track Zoom participation in your supporter’s contact record on NGP. Create timely follow-up asks and engagement campaigns or build automated workflow based on Zoom event participation.  

Enable Tips on your donation forms 

Your supporters know that every cent counts now…so ask your donors to do just a little more by covering the processing fees on their donation. It’s easy to get started: just turn Cover Costs on in the Build Page section of your Online Actions form.   

Adding this to your form can make a huge impact and increase your average donation, especially if you rely on small-dollar, grassroots support. This additional donation amount goes straight to you, boosting your fundraising during this critical time. 

Fundraising Dashboard: Get the information you need and keep track of your donations 

The fundraising dashboard is now your default landing page in NGP, designed to help you in managing your daily tasks and tracking your fundraising efforts. Your NGP home page can now be customized for you to easily access your frequent searches and reports, as well as new and improved fundraising graphs. 

Google Sheets Integration 

Earlier this year we added a Google Sheets integration across the platform, making it easier for you to share your data with colleagues and to import data back into your records. When you use the Bulk Exports and Bulk Uploads, you now have the option to import/export with Google sheets. In addition to giving additional formatting options, using our Google Sheets integration allows real time collaboration, streamlining the processes surrounding your import and exports.  

Raiser Tool 

Coordinate and communicate with your high-level donors in a way that saves staff time, and gives your raisers new incentives and independence. Easily assign goals and milestones for your raisers. Once you set up these goals in NGP your raisers can start tracking how close they are to the amount needed to reach the next milestone.  

FastAction: Connect with our network of millions of supporter profiles 

In a challenging fundraising environment, it’s more important than ever that you are using all the tools available to make giving easy for your donors. FastAction allows donors who have previously submitted a form to any NGP VAN client to contribute to your committee using a pre-filled form and saved payment information. 

And, you’ll raise even more money when you add SmartLinks to your forms or emails. Using SmarkLinks, you can make it easy for FastAction users to give instantly with only one click.