Leverage Your Supporters’ Influence and Follow Engagement with Social Share Tracking

May 11, 2017 | Rob Winikates

Organizations have enormous untapped potential in the form of their supporters’ social networks and influence.

To tap into this, you need know who shares your content, but more importantly, you want to know who is succeeding at referring new people – and donations – to your organization

Online Actions now allows you to track referrers who share your forms, both if they click the share asks, and also if those shares generate any new submissions.

When publishing a form, on the confirmation page step, enable the social share tools and referrer tracking. Once in use, you’ll be able to search for your most active and successful recruiters – and target them for future outreach, increased engagement, and recognition.

new screenshot blue for social share.png
…It’s also easy to view and run reports of these interactions:

clicked share blue.png

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