Call Time Connect

The best call time experience now more powerful than ever! Make dials straight from NGP with the click-to-dial functionality. NGP VAN offers the best and most complete call time experience with Call Time Connect. NGP users can make dials, see contact insights, and log calls, all within NGP, all from the same device.

Make dials straight from NGP with the click of a button. Join calls with other team members and eliminate the need for time-consuming workarounds like burner phones, speakerphones, and three-way calls. Click-to-Dial is also available in the Call Time Mobile app.
Better Call Quality
We know connectivity and spam rate come first for your campaign or organization.  Our team of experts are constantly monitoring our results to keep connectivity high, and to keep your calls from being tagged as spam.
Streamlined Pricing
With simple pricing—including a phone number, quick and easy onboarding, all you have to worry about is making dials and raising more money.
Team Collaboration
From your Call Time Lists page, you are now able to better collaborate with your team off of a single list. Easily see which profile others are viewing, as well as which teammates are in active calls.

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Included Features

Make calls from anywhere, from any device Yes Yes
Data updates in real-time to and from NGP Yes Yes
View Asks and other supporting information Yes Yes
Integrated with NGP 8 Call Time List Yes Yes
Click-to-dial directly from NGP Yes
Supports multiple simultaneous calls Yes
Supports multiple people on a single call Yes
Integrated mobile app Yes Yes
‘Invite’ other NGP users to join your call in progress Yes
Unique outgoing phone number with an area code that you specify (*assuming area code availability) Yes
Return calls forwarded to a number or voicemail box of your choice. Yes
Send follow up SMS and emails from templates created in NGP Yes
Cost INCLUDED with NGP 8 $150/mo

Get Call Time Mobile

The Call Time Mobile app is available to all NGP 8 committees at no additional charge.

Download the app now to start making calls on the go, access call insights, and log call details, all from the same device you are dialing from.