Field Automation + Online Actions for VAN

Over 1,000 new organizing features have arrived on VAN,allowing you to run a more sophisticated field program than ever.

Digital meets field in a powerful way with new upgrades for Organizing on VAN. Target voters, contacts, and volunteers with automated follow-up emails and leverage powerful forms for volunteer signups, event signups, petitions, and more.

The best part: you can upgrade today. Find out how to get the most sophisticated organizing toolset yet.

Automated cavassing follow-ups, volunteer nurture workflows, the most advanced volunteer signup forms, and much, much more.

Field Automation & Targeted Email

Follow up offline connections with online conversations using unprecedented digital features for organizers.

  • Automate canvassing follow-up emails

    Make sure GOTV doesn't end at the doorstep. Send the right follow up message whether someone answered the door or not.

  • Nurture new volunteers with welcome workflows

    Empower first time volunteers to become leaders in the field by enrolling them in a series of automatic emails with more ways to support your campaign.

  • Send targeted, personalized emails from My Campaign

    Follow up in-person engagement automatically with tailored emails about upcoming local events and empowering voters to take more action.

  • Smarter event management with email

    Stay connected with your attendees. Follow up on RSVPs with automated confirmation, reminder, and post-event workflows.

  • The power of Field Automation and Online Actions doesn't end there. The complete Targeted Email suite on VAN includes A-J multivariate testing, one-click actions, conditional content, out-of-the-box mobile-friendly templates that look great on any device, and much, much more.

It’s time to boost your organizing efforts on VAN with these key features.

Online Actions for VAN

Upgrade your volunteer and event management and drive more action with the highest-converting forms, period.

  • Recruit more volunteers with Online Actions

    Grow your movement with better online forms. Direct potential field contacts and canvassing targets to powerful registration forms you can use with any website.

  • Increase conversions with pre-filled forms + Action Profiles

    Tap into our massive activist network of over 20 million Action Profiles. 33% of our forms have at least one field pre-filled, providing a 350% boost in conversion rates.

  • Leverage one-click actions

    Supporters can register to volunteer, receive event reminders, or sign onto a petition, all by simply clicking a link in your email.

  • Simple + powerful event organizing

    Increase event attendance using optimized forms with automatic confirmation emails and powerful guest promotion tools.

  • Organizers need to stay flexible. Forget switching tools, remembering passwords, and uploading spreadsheets - one database, one account, no fuss. Optimized forms are embeddable, and easily added to any website.

Everything You Need from Now Til Election Day

It’s time to boost your organizing efforts on VAN with these key features.

  • Targeted Email

    Run a smarter, integrated email program using our easy-to-use visual editor and powerful A/B multivariate testing.

  • Online Actions

    Our petition, email sign-up, and volunteer forms make secondary asks a breeze. Pre-filled forms and Action Profiles mean higher conversions and less drop-off by design.​

  • MiniVAN Manager

    Keep your canvassers on track. See vital stats including location, progress, and effectiveness in real time in VAN.

  • Live Call Tool

    Set up a phone banking operation at the press of a button. Create a universe and script in VAN, and watch the data sync back to your VAN database instantly.

  • Action Center

    Create gamified tasks to incentivize volunteers, use Facebook to spread the word about your campaign, or tap into their personal contacts by recruiting new supporters.

  • Paid Phones

    Persuade, ID, and GOTV using our Predictive Dialer, RoboCalls, RoboSurveys, and Live Call features, all 100% integrated with VAN.

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