Targeted Email

A reliable and easy-to-use email solution to help you win your campaign.

Run a smarter, integrated email program using our easy-to-use, visual editor and powerful A/B multivariate testing. Raise more money and drive more action from your emails with integrated one-click contributions and petitions.

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  • Built-In Email Templates

    NGP’s targeted email offers a library of pre-built templates to make sending email painless. Choose from over a dozen options (including mobile optimized templates) or create your own templates to ensure that your campaign is sending highly effective and beautiful emails to your donors.

  • One-Click Contributions and Actions

    Include a contribution link in your email to supporters and take advantage of NGP's one-click contributions and credit card autofill across NGP's massive FastAction network. FastAction allows supporters that have saved credit card information to automatically submit to a contribution page, dramatically increasing fundraising potential.

  • Conditional Content

    Save time and build highly-personalized emails using conditional content. Conditional content allows you to use if then statements and create dynamic ask strings, taking advantage of the rich data you have on each supporter and customizing messaging based on their individual profile.

  • Multivariate Testing

    Increase your impact each time you press send. Our targeted email offers A-J multivariate testing that is easy-to-use, and allows for up to ten tests to ensure maximum control and effectiveness.

  • Highest Deliverability Rates

    Email deliverability is key to fundraising potential – that’s why NGP VAN employs an in-house specialist dedicated to understanding and improving deliverability. We’ll equip you with detailed deliverability success guides and the latest information and resources to ensure that your team is able to create content that reaches your supporters.

  • 100% Integrated with Your Fundraising Database

    Unlike our major competitors, our targeted email tool is 100% integrated with the NGP fundraising database, allowing you to create highly personalized emails that target donors based on their previous giving history or outstanding pledge amounts.

  • Email Series

    Run a sophisticated email program with less effort using Email Series. Design an automated series of emails to convert new email subscribers into donors, turn high potential one-time donors into max out donors, automatically follow up on outstanding pledges or reengage inactive subscribers.

  • SmartLinks

    Create hyperlinks in your email using Smartlinks, leveraging data from your NGP database. Pre-fill known form fields (e.g. first name, last name, city, zip, etc.) and target your ask based on largest contribution or a targeted dollar amount, increasing conversion rates by over 3.6 times and prompting a huge lift in online fundraising and action taking.

  • Comprehensive Statistics

    Know what’s working and what’s not working with our email statistics dashboard and advanced reporting tools to track and analyze email performance. See a side-by-side comparison of total amount raised, average raised per recipient, actions per click, open rates, etc.

  • Mobile Responsive

    Take advantage of our out-of-the-box templates or easily design your own - either way, the end result will be beautiful, responsive emails that can viewed on any device.

  • Reliable

    NGP is a time tested, reliable email platform. We’ve helped clients send billions of emails and understand what’s on the line during peak fundraising periods. Our team of experts are ready when you need us the most.