Paperless. Integrated. Accountable.

Forget clipboards and data entry. Canvassing with MiniVAN is simple, accurate, fully integrated with VAN, and totally free.

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Forget the clipboard - The MiniVAN app for iOS and Android has everything you need to canvass, from maps to walk lists and more.

  • Stick to the Scripts

    MiniVAN can store up to five scripts for each walk sheet, letting canvassers switch seamlessly from GOTV at one door, to persuasion at the next.

  • Real Time

    Get your data door-by-door, rather than day-by-day. Information is uploaded directly to VAN after every doorknock.

  • Take Notes

    Is the dog friendly? Does the doorbell not work? MiniVAN can record notes on any interaction so important information for the next canvasser doesn’t fall through the cracks.


Don’t mess with importing and exporting. MiniVAN is the only canvassing tool that integrates directly with your VAN database, saving you time (and headaches).

  • Organizing Made Easy

    Why make things complicated? Send walk sheets and scripts straight to a canvasser’s phone from your VAN database.

  • VAN at your fingertips

    See the full profile of anyone on a walk list in MiniVAN, from date last contacted to voting history - no more guesswork or paper shuffling.

  • Keep Things Clean

    Review and verify uploaded canvassing data before it’s committed to VAN. Found a problem? Reject the bad data, and upload the good.

Free to Use

MiniVAN is not only the most robust canvassing tool around, it’s also completely free. If your campaign is using VAN then you can start using it now.

  • Keep your finger on the pulse

    Don’t fly blind. Each time a canvasser completes an interaction, any information they collect is uploaded straight to your VAN database.

  • No Signal, No Problem

    Canvassing can take you anywhere. MiniVAN queues up data when you’re off the grid, and syncs it when you get back in range.

  • Go the Distance

    MiniVAN was built with hard work in mind. Tested to last a full shift, your canvassers can go hard before they go home.

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