Mobilizing Volunteers with Mobilize

June 6, 2023 | NGP VAN

You need to find and mobilize volunteers to accomplish all your campaign and organizational goals, and that’s true whether you’re running for Congress or School Board, advocating for or against a specific ballot measure, or just trying to advance your organization’s singular cause.

In this webinar, we’ll be showing you how to find and mobilize your support base with Mobilize, the industry’s #1 volunteer recruitment and event management application used by thousands of campaigns and causes. You’ll learn how to:

  • Tap into a network of 5+ million volunteers
  • Save between 5-10 hours per week on administrative tasks
  • Unlock the full potential of your supporters
  • Create and promote events in 5 minutes or less
  • Increase event registrations and attendance
  • Empower volunteers and supporters to host events for you
  • Tips and tools to keep your volunteers engaged all year long
  • And more…

Video Replay