[Webinar] Donor Target Scores and Reports

February 9, 2023 | Brandon Blumenherst
Person on a phone sitting in an office chair in front of a computer using NGP and Donor Target Scores

Donor Target Scores and Reports are the newest fundraising features in NGP that allow you gain more insight about your existing contacts. Learn how these features can be used to bolster your fundraising efforts in this webinar with two leaders at NGP VAN: Antonia Koch, Director of Fundraising Campaigns, and Craig Grella, Marketing Director.

Why should your campaign use Donor Target Scores and Reports?

Simply put, these features help your raise money more efficiently. They can help you identify new donors, assess potential giving, suggest a fundraising effort, and save your campaign valuable time during the busy campaign season. Donor Target Scores determine how likely donors are to give to your individual campaign and their giving potential for your campaign specifically. These scores are combined into a Suggested Fundraising Effort that helps you prioritize your time to help you raise money efficiently.

Donor Target Reports are another valuable fundraising feature in NGP. These reports allow you to easily identify donors who should likely give to your campaign and suggest a fundraising effort that’s specific to your campaign. Each of these reports can easily be sent to My List, so fundraisers can take more action on these reports like adding them to a candidate’s call time list or sending them a text message.

There are three Donor Target Reports available to all NGP users:

  • Prospects Targets Report: Identifies potential donors who have not given to your campaign. 
  • This Cycle Resolicit Report: Identifies donors that have given this cycle and can legally give more. 
  • Last Cycle Resolicit Report: Identifies donors that gave last cycle and have not given this cycle. 

Note: Cycles and Limits must be set up properly in your committee for the Resolicit Reports to work properly. (If you are an existing NGP user, read this support article for setting up Cycles and Limits).

By using these new fundraising features in NGP, you can save valuable time and gain more insight about your existing contacts to help you raise money efficiently for your campaign.

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